A conversation about life and death: an interview with Isabel Gemio

When I published the Spanish edition of my book “Aprender a morir para poder vivir" (Grijalbo 2021), I had the opportunity to participate in several interviews. However, one in particular stood out for its depth and emotionality: the interview that Isabel Gemio gave me via videoconference.

Isabel Gemio, a well-known Spanish television presenter, has become very popular thanks to programs such as “¡Sorpresa sorpresa!”, on Antena 3. This program is a Spanish version of the Italian or British TV Show “Surprise, Surprise”, focused on making the dreams of anonymous people come true live, has marked an era in Spanish television. His link with the program and his outstanding career are known to many.

Connecting Experiences: Isabel Gemio and Duchenne Foundation

Our connection, however, goes beyond television and the interview. Isabel and I share a common experience: Duchenne. One of her sons also suffers from this muscular dystrophy, a reality that she made public a few years ago. Since then, Isabel has founded a foundation dedicated to raise funds for the research of minority diseases such as the one affecting her son.

FUNDACIÓN ISABEL GEMIO is a foundation for the Research of Muscular Dystrophies and other Rare Diseases, was born in 2008. Its aim is to contribute to accelerate research in Muscular Dystrophies, other Neuromuscular Diseases and Rare Diseases, in biological, physio pathological, genetic or therapeutic aspects. This research may have an impact on the development and application of curative treatments for those impacted.

Interview for YouTube channel

It was an honor for me to dedicate a copy of my book to him, and even more so when he decided to contact me to propose an interview for his YouTube channel, where he presents other relevant conversations. During our meeting, we addressed deep topics such as life and the euthanasia debate, sharing different perspectives and reflections.

For Isabel, the interview was emotional, as it meant connecting with someone who shares the same reality as her son. Through this platform, we were able to share experiences, reflections and, above all, hope.

I sincerely thank Isabel Gemio for giving me this opportunity for a deep and sincere dialogue. It is an honor to be able to share with you the result of this conversation, which I invite you to watch in the following video.


Life gives us opportunities to meet and connect with people who share our struggles and hopes. Through this interview, we have been able to explore this connection and bring a sincere and enriching look at life and its fragility. May this conversation be an inspiration to all those who seek to understand, share and, above all, live each moment to the fullest.