In the book I explain an anecdote I keep about Pep Guardiola when I was recovering from the back surgery in 2010. One day he called me and to cheer me up he said some words that make me think of the best era in Barça history: “Strength and courage.” One day he called me to cheer me up and said some words that make me think of the best era in Barça history: “Strength and courage.”

In the summer of 2008 it was a time of change at Can Barça after a blank season that culminated the end of the Rijkaard era and then Joan Laporta, Barça’s president, bet on Pep Guardiola who had just trained Barça B in the third division. They did not spare criticism for the lack of experience as a coach to train a top-level team like Barça. The project led by Guardiola would take down heavyweights like Ronaldinho or Deco, would bet on young people from the academy like Busquets or Piqué (recovered from United) and naturally signings that would bring fresh air to the team like Dani Alves. Who would have thought that with this team Barça would make history and become the best team in the world winning all possible titles.

And Guardiola’s style not only made them win but also offered a beautiful game to watch for the spectator with the famous “Tikitaka”. I’m sure many people enjoyed it even if they weren’t culé. All this success is not explained without the way of working, based on effort, teamwork, and constant struggle. To summarize all this spirit, there is an Estrella Damm ad from 2009, which I share with you below, which explains very well what made Barça the center of the world.

This Barça was an example of values beyond the world of football, for me it is a whole inspiration in my constant struggle to overcome the problems and circumstances that a disease like Duchenne entails. So strength and courage to all those who are going through difficult moments or circumstances. You can see where to buy my book on this same blog.

Next, I share a video with images from this unforgettable era and the Estrella Damm ad that I mentioned.


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