One of the things that people who have read my book (Learning to Die in Order to Live) have pointed out to me is that the distinction between problems and circumstances that I make has been the most helpful thing for them. It is one of the most important things I have learned in my life.

As a person with a physical disability, I have had to face many circumstances that I could not change, such as my inability to walk. This situation forced me to learn to accept circumstances as they are and to focus on what I could change: my attitude and my way of seeing things.

However, I have also had to face many problems throughout my life, such as difficulties in accessing higher education or the job market. In these cases, I had to find ways to overcome them and find solutions that would allow me to achieve my goals.

In this sense, I believe that it is very important to learn to differentiate between circumstances and problems, as this allows us to focus our efforts on what we can really change and improve. In other words, if we face a circumstance that we cannot change, such as my disability, we must focus on accepting it and adapting to it. On the other hand, if we face a problem, we must find ways to overcome it and find solutions that allow us to achieve our goals.

For me, this has been a life lesson that has helped me to face difficult situations in life with a positive and proactive mentality. Not only has it helped me to overcome my own challenges and difficulties, but it has also allowed me to help other people do the same.

Believing in oneself and in one’s own abilities is fundamental to achieving the goals we set for ourselves. It is important not to let life circumstances drag us down and prevent us from growing as individuals. Instead, we must see them as opportunities to learn, grow, and overcome ourselves.

In conclusion, I believe that the distinction between circumstances and problems is a fundamental skill for life, especially for those who, like me, live with disabilities or other difficult situations.

Why make life complicated with the problems of the country when there could be a simple solution to solve them?
Mafalda comic strip by Argentinian cartoonist Quino